We offer complete and full service installation, and we can handle all of the ongoing maintenance of your generator. Whether you need of a portable generator, home generator, standby generator, commercial generator, or marine generator, we are able to assist you in the sale, installation, and maintenance. We can help you select the generator that is right for you, install it, and maintain it for you!



Critical Systems need power. In a storm, downed power line, or due to our fragile island systems-your comfort, security, and connection to the outside world could quickly become compromised. Your heating and cooling system, computer system, lighting, television, water pump, sump pump, garage doors, freezer, refrigerator, and security system all rely on power. Are you ready for a power outage? Your family’s lives don’t have to be interrupted or inconvenienced when power goes out—let our professional electricians install a generator to power your home’s critical systems during an outage.


If you’re building or remodeling your home let NSC help you navigate the proliferation of new technologies that are available and help you plan for the future. High end electronics such as webTV, internet phone, new security advances, and energy efficiency requirements all need to be considered. The standard home today uses wiring designed 50 years ago for applications that did not exist at that time. New homes and remodels must be wired for the requirements of today’s technology advancements as well as for the products of the future. Installing high-capacity, high-grade wiring and cable during the building or remodeling phase can save you lots of money down the road.


It is very easy to overlook your home’s electrical infrastructure because it is hidden behind the walls. When your are remodeling, it is important to consider electrical upgrades while the walls and ceiling are open for other purposes. NSC can help you develop and implement a plan for not only the necessary wiring, but to upgrade alongside the other items on your list.  We will plan for both current needs and what you might need in the future.


Whether it is flickering light, an appliance that sounds funny, or outlets that don’t seem to be working, NSC can determine what the root of the problem is and the course of action that needs to be taken. We will thoroughly inspect and assess the situation including panel boxes, possible faulty wiring, circuits, and appliances. We can determine the cause and find the quickest, easiest, and least expensive solution. It is important to address irregularities that you notice as soon as possible as faulty wiring is a leading cause of preventable house fires. Even if you have noticed that your electrical bill has changed, but nothing seems out of order please call us and we can determine the cause. Routine preventive inspection can be a good practice in home ownership as well.


For the best flexibility to expand and change over time, we design water control system wiring to fit your needs now and in the future. We sell and install the best controllers in the industry offering affordability and high-end design. At NSC we are committed to providing results that make sense in our local environment with water savings and conservation in mind.


Outside wiring requires different consideration than inside wiring. It must withstand exposure to a corrosive, wet environment. The fitting must be watertight, and all conduits properly sealed. The wire from the electrical box to the pump must be the proper size. Creating a watertight, corrosion-resistant junction box with watertight, corrosion-resistant fittings and a cover sealed by a gasket is important in all septic system wiring. At NSC we are experienced in dealing with the local environment and local septic installs. We will work closely with you to ensure that your septic wiring with withstand the weather and time.



An icy cold tile floor can be a rude awakening. Floor heating systems can be installed where warm floors are appreciated: bathrooms, mudrooms, and kitchens. They can also be controlled by a separate thermostat and do not replace the main heating of the home, but add comfort. By warming your feet, a floor heating system makes you warmer and more comfortable while delivering heat in an energy efficient system. Professional installation at the time of construction or remodel can provide may years of enjoyment and added comfort. Floor heating has been used for a very long time and tried and true methods in conjunction with state of the art designs are available from NSC.

Home Control

Imagine the ability to use your home automation system from another location. Start up the hot tub, heat and lights before you arrive. NSC can design and install remote lighting and appliance controls, home security and video surveillance, home theatre, audio and video distribution, networking, telephones and intercoms, climate controls, central vacuums, structured wiring systems, installation tools and accessories, and independent living devices. All of your home’s controls should be integrated in a way that allows them to communicate and you to control it. Home control adds efficiency and security.


Home automation has become more accessible than ever before due smartphone and tablet connectivity. Home automation can include a central control for lighting, heating and cooling systems, appliances, and security systems. Automation can provide independence for elderly or disabled people and improve efficiency and convenience for everyone. By making devices, appliances and systems that you use everyday all work in concert we can make your life easier. Home automation is a simple way to integrate and access all of your home’s systems, and simplify running your home.


NSC can design a sophisticated, modern, state of the art lighting control for inside and around your home. Lighting is important in making a room optimal for reading or studying or for cooking and entertaining. Our lighting control systems range from daylighting controls, dimmers, fan speed controls, occupancy sensors, relay panels, timer switches, to total automation. We design and install controls that provide precise dependable control to increase energy efficiency and usability. 

Audio / Visual


We have affordable and easy to understand systems for home theater, audio systems, television sales and installation, surround sound, satellite dishes, distributed audio systems and more. NSC can install fully custom systems for special demands and circumstances. We can simplify and remove the confusion from an integrated modern system and provide training as well as being available for ongoing assistance.We provide basic installation of small systems or custom installation of high-end systems. NSC offers a wide variety of design options so we can provide great solutions to meet your entertainment needs.



We can bring together all of your family’s music from CDs, MP3s, satellite radio, internet radio, iTunes, and beyond into a single system accessible from anywhere in your house. All of you can select your own music and listen to it wherever you are with our integrated audio distribution systems. Our systems are simple and easy to use. We can assist you with sales, installation, and maintaining your multi-room distributed audio solution.



Think of how great your television viewing can be. We can help you turn your experience into a home theater experience by assisting you in purchasing the TV that is right for you, your space, and that fits your viewing needs. We will help with TV wall mounting, seating design, lighting placement, window dressing, and your remote control. We can help you plan for surround sound installation, to hide unsightly wires, and use precise measurements, and optimal speaker placement to bring you better sound quality from your speakers.



Think of how great your television viewing can be. We can help you turn your experience into a home theater experience by assisting you in purchasing the TV that is right for you, your space, and that fits your viewing needs. We will help with TV wall mounting, seating design, lighting placement, window dressing, and your remote control. We can help you plan for surround sound installation, to hide unsightly wires, and use precise measurements, and optimal speaker placement to bring you better sound quality from your speakers.



You may just want to upgrade your television room or your living room or you may want to create an elaborate high-end media room. We can assist you in designing and installing your home entertainment system. We are experts in sales, and installation of flat screen TVs, digital quality sound systems, home theater 3d projectors, wall-sized screens, and even seating, room construction, and lighting control. We know how to optimize acoustics and sight lines to make your home theater experience better than a commercial movie theater. We will work with you to custom design and professionally install a system that meets your aesthetic and performance goals.



Both wired and wireless technologies have their place for home or business systems. When choosing which network system is right for you we will consider  ease of installation, cost, reliability, performance, and security. We will assist you in configuring your wired or wireless system to best fit your needs. A wired network will use Ethernet to connect a computer to a router and can be the fastest most secure option, but can be more difficult when running Ethernet cables between multiple rooms and floors or your home. A wireless system can offer more flexibility. Many people end up using a combination of the two. A wireless network adapter device eliminates the needs to run cable all over for a wireless system.



A good home security system that is properly installed and monitored can give you a great peace of mind. Equipped with the latest technology you can be sure that your home is secure even when you are not on the Island. An electronic home security system can range from locked gates to surveillance and motion detecting cameras to a wired central system with glass-break detectors. With today’s home automation options home security may be controlling when the lights go on and off, or a sophisticated alarm and surveillance system. NSC can also install security systems that offer carbon monoxide and fire alarms integrated with you other security needs.



With all types of possibilities available in today’s market, we will work with you to purchase, install, and maintain a system that allows your to keep an eye on what goes on in and around your home. The are hassle free monitoring solutions to allow easy monitoring from any location in your home or away. Home surveillance can give you peace of mind of knowing your home is secure or catching that deer in act of munching on your plants. Whatever your needs are we can assist you in purchasing, installing, and maintaining a surveillance system for you home, shop, or business.