About North Sound Communications

Our Story

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We are a family business. Without the families that work for us and those that work with us, there would be no ‘us.’

In 2009 Andy Nichols had a dream: to start his own business based on helping his community. It was that simple.

Believing that systems and networks of communications were the answer, he set his one-person show in motion, growing slowly and intentionally, one outlet, panel, and neighbor at a time.

It wasn’t long before he needed to expand his team, hiring one and then two trained professionals, but electricians on the islands are hard to come by. He quickly understood that the best way to grow his business was to invest in the community by training and educating locals to join his team.

Today, North Sound Communications employs eight professional electricians, many of whom started as trainees making a livable wage and health benefits while working toward becoming certified electricians.

Headquartered on Lopez Island, Washington, North Sound Communications owns a warehouse to facilitate timely service by storing parts for quick job turn-around and speedy service. We also provide on-site delivery of parts to our electricians to enable the timely completion of projects.

Our work crews, led by senior electricians, have the expertise to deliver quality work and the commitment to take care of our customers. Our vans are equipped with all the standard parts, enabling timely installation, problem-solving, repair, and prompt on-site service. Customers can expect reliable expertise and quality workmanship.

Our Mission

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Employee Support & Communication

We attract, develop and retain exceptional people in an inclusive work environment where all employees can reach their most significant potential. We embrace open and honest communication about the workplace.

Open Door Policy

In keeping with our philosophy of open communication, all employees have the right to and are encouraged to speak freely with management about their job-related concerns.

How we Rise To the challenge

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We Listen

We listen closely to understand your needs so that we can efficiently and effectively solve your electrical issues.


We Understand

With over a decade of experience, we understand how your home or business's intricate and innovative systems work together.


We Achieve

We go above and beyond what is expected of us, constantly striving to improve and guided by analyzing our successes, failures, and our customer feedback.



We Commit

Committed to both our price and service, we are unwavering in our commitment to the highest standard of quality and safety for ourselves and our customers.

Our Expertise

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Bringing electricity to your home and or business used to be easy. All you needed was a wire, an outlet, a panel and a bulb. But today’s technology is quickly changing, and this once simple skill has now evolved into a complex set of systems.

At North Sound Communications, we understand those systems. By keeping abreast of the latest and most innovative technological shifts, we know which methods are compatible and which aren’t. More importantly, we know how to tie them all together.

Whether you’re looking for repair, maintenance or installation, we have the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to solve all your electrical needs.

Residential Electrical

From brand-new service to the unexpected power emergency, we have the expertise and commitment to install, upgrade and fix all your residential needs.
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Commercial Electrical

Coordinating with architects and contractors, we have vast experience implementing the unique solutions your electrical infrastructure requires to propel your success.
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Customer Service

A Skilled Team

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A team isn’t born; it’s grown. Slowly and intentionally, we’ve listened, learned and pushed ourselves to give our community a service and product we feel proud of.

Get electrical service you can trust

Whether you’re looking for repair, maintenance or installation in your place of business, we have the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to solve all your electrical needs.

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