Residential Electrial

Residential Electrical

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It’s an electric world, especially as we move further away from fossil fuels. At North Sound Communications, we are trained in the newest technology and how to install, upgrade and repair the following areas of your home.


Upgrade when you outgrow your panel’s capacity. Keep up with the demands of a modern home with added circuits for all your new electrical appliances, hot tub, or car charger.


Overloading your outlets is dangerous. Adding circuits increases safety.


Living spaces evolve, and so do available lighting solutions: LED retrofit, accent lighting, task lighting, under cabinet / inside cabinet lighting, pathway lighting, remote switching controls, and security motion sensor lights.


Make sure your wires are grounded and in good shape – older homes and DIY additions often need a check-up.


Island life means unexpected power outages. We analyze your emergency power requirements, order and install the right solution for you – portable and standby generators keep your water flowing, allow your children to finish their homework, keep your home warm and your food cold, and keep everybody happy.

Septic, Water Heaters and Pumps

We are called upon by septic and water pump professionals to hook-up the electrical components.

How We do The job

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At North Sound Communications and Electric, we know how frustrating it can be when a job isn’t done right. We guarantee our workmanship for one year after installation, plus the manufacturer’s warranty for materials.

That’s why we:

If you’re not happy, neither are we.

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